The feathers on this duck took a lot of work and look very effective!

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Winter Pastimes.jpg
Iceboat Race on the Hudson.jpg
American Forest Scene Maple Sugaring (426x640).jpg
My great grandmother brought these plates in England just after she he got married in 1938, there were 6 of them. In 1954 they travelled with her to Melbourne and were used every day for dinners. In 1975 my great grandfather brought them with him to NZ, and he gave them to my Grandma. Now there are only 3, and one is cracked, but Grandma likes them so she has them on the wall in her kitchen. So they have travelled half way around the world.

They are all of American Winter scenes- ice skating, collecting maple sugar and ice boat races. The edges are decorated with holly leaves and berries.

They all have the makers special stamp on the back. The original pictures are lithographs, which is where the artist draws the picture in reverse in crayon onto a very smooth slab of stone or a metal plate and then printed onto a sheet of paper.