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This lovely flower was created with many layers of metallic
corrugated card.
Even the bees thought it looked great! All the bees like it.
Bumble bee says YAY!!

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This is me, Issy This is my BFF Nitya
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This is my year3 teacher Mrs Smith.
This is my wonderful teacher Mrs Willemse.

Mummy's ring

My Family

Hey did you know that Isabel meant consecrated to God and that it's a Spanish name.
Megan means soft and gentle and this name it's origin's are Celtic/Gaelic.
Lawrence means laurel-crowned and it is a Latin name.

Remember that the book character parade is on Monday be prepared. I'm going as Lulu from the pony pals and I've even got a white toy pony that I'm going to use as Snow White, Lulu's pony. Oh can you spot Lulu and her pony Snow White? :)

coatofarms.PNGHere is a coat of arms that I made up and it says LAUREL-CROWNED which is the meaning for my last name lawrence. Purple represents royal majesty sovereignty and justice. The dog represents courage vigilance and loyalty. I'm not to sure what the hemet represents. Unicorns represent virtue strength and extreme courage.

On Sunday the 9th of December I got two adorable puppies. There names are Dotty and Doris. Dotty is the small fluffy puppy with the pink collar and Doris is the large smooth furred puppy with the blue collar. They are miniature schnauzers crossed with Jack Russels. They're about 10 weeks old now but when we got them they were a week younger.