End of the first day with my better half - Mr W

Hi and welcome to my classroom webpage. I am so fortunate to be teaching a wonderful class of Year 4 students for another year, at Sherwood Primary School. I am excited to share my time between two things I love:teachingandraising my own family.
We spent an amazing summer holiday returning to one of our favourite places, the Queen Charlotte Sound, where we saw weka and dolphins. My family all embarked on the 4 day walk of 71km but unfortunately, due to a chest infection, I only managed the first two days :( Furneoux Lodge and The Portage Resort were such a treat. We also got to fly to Wellington on one of the new All Black planes - very posh indeed.
I am lucky to work with two fantastic and motivated teachers in the Y4 team who certainly have a passion for learning. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing students succeed and watching them develop their own love of learning.
Nikau DC in a Digital Class with up-to-date technological tools for the student's to use. I thoroughly enjoy personal and professional development in the area of 21st Century Learning, on a daily basis.
Beside I.T. I also strive to run a student focused Numeracy & Literacy programme and regularly devise & explore Visual Art lessons with my class, which I write up into resource books for other teachers.
With being the school's lead teacher in Mathematics, the Team leader of Year 4 and part of the e-learning team, my days are pretty full indeed.
Prior to this, I taught at Pinehill School for several years, and before that, I started my career at Greenhithe Primary. Whilst I was born in Budapest (Hungary), my husband David and two daughters (Jess & Amy) were all born in South Africa. We have lived in Auckland, New Zealand since 1998. A tabby named Tigger and a Spoodle named Charlie, complete our family.
Jess + Amy tuck into a hearty meal at Furneoux

Gorgeous views at every turn.