Term 4

Week 5
This week we had another visit from Sally from Water care and she explained to us how the waste water from our homes and schools is cleaned at the waste water treatment centres.

We also went to the Millenium again and learnt about safety in water. Here we are being shown how to fit a life jacket correctly.
After we came out, the eclipse was happening. A kind passer-by photographer loaned us his film so that we could all have a look at the eclipse safely. Weren't we lucky?

Week 3 & 4

These 2 weeks have been very busy with swimming almost every day and lost of end of year assessments.

We also started our new topic about Sharing The Planet. Sally from water care came and taught us about making filters to clean out water. We also know what should and should not go into our drains.

Week 2

I mentioned last week that we have adopted Super Speed Maths as the introduction to our maths lesson each morningr. Here is a short video of it in action today.

Week 1
We have had a mixed start to the first week of the last term. On the downside we
lost our friend Danielle whose family moved out of Auckland during the holidays.
On the upside we gained 3 new friends in our class - Ji-Won from South Korea,
Julia from Freeman's Bay Primary and Harrison, originally from Manchester. Welcome
to our little class here at Sherwood.

At the start of the week we set ourselves the goal to complete out calendar art by Friday and did pretty well too,
even though we up-scaled from A4 to A3. Congratulations everyone for your commitment. Everybody loved re-visiting the Arts for the first time since our unit in Terms 1/2.

Here are some pictures of the process and some of the finished examples. Please place your orders for your calendars and/or cards.

We picked up on out Daily 5 reading again, please remember to have a chapter book at school daily.

We also started a new way of memorising our basic facts called Super Speed Maths. The children are having great fun trying to beat their scores each day.

Our topic on How The World Works is drawing to a close and our goal for next week is to complete all our paragraphs for our report, ready to put onto our presentations.

In Maths we explored expanding and renaming 3 digit numbers and will look at vertical subtraction next week.


mycollage_calendar art 2012.jpg